How to deal with a patchy beard

January 10, 2016

One of the most frustrating things many men encounter growing a beard for the first time is patchiness. I know, because I’m one of them. It can be very difficult to grow a full beautiful beard if you are constantly distracted by patches. Aside from getting a beard transplant, apparently these are real, here are some tips you can use for dealing with a patchy beard. Here are some of the top tips that you need to keep in mind when growing your beard and how you can combat patchiness: Remember that age plays a factor: While some men have the ability to grow a light beard around the age of 14-16 the beard will definitely change over time. Beards... Continue Reading →

The Keys for Growing a Successful Beard

December 14, 2015

With winter is full swing here in Canada, men en masse are starting to grow out their beards. If you happen to be growing a beard for the first time, or have tried growing a beard before but it wasn’t very successful; we have some advice to share. We know it can be a challenge; many beards never make it past a few weeks. But with some patience and proper care you can be on your way to beard nirvana in no time. Self-conscious Growing a beard for the first time can bring on a lot of comments from friends, family and co-workers and many of them won’t be the most pleasant. The social pressure can be a real downer;... Continue Reading →

6 reasons you should date a bearded guy

December 09, 2015

It is no secret bearded gents are the new sliced bread! Ladies no longer desire the baby-face clean cuts of the past; the rugged and hairy lumberjack look is what gets them going these days, and why not? A guy with a beard has everything over a guy who doesn’t. A man with a beard is the perfect choice for you to date, and if you are still unsure, here are 6 completely genuine reasons to date a guy with beard: 1. He has lots of patience It takes patience to grow a full fledge beard and a degree of care to maintain the sexy look women crave. So rest assure your bearded man should show patience in life's troubles and... Continue Reading →


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