The Keys for Growing a Successful Beard

December 14, 2015

With winter is full swing here in Canada, men en masse are starting to grow out their beards. If you happen to be growing a beard for the first time, or have tried growing a beard before but it wasn’t very successful; we have some advice to share. We know it can be a challenge; many beards never make it past a few weeks. But with some patience and proper care you can be on your way to beard nirvana in no time.


Growing a beard for the first time can bring on a lot of comments from friends, family and co-workers and many of them won’t be the most pleasant. The social pressure can be a real downer; and if you start to feel unsure of yourself, out comes the razor and bye-bye beard. The best thing you can do during this time is be in control of the beard; keep the the neck line clean and the edges around the beard start. Not only is this good maintenance but it also shows the world you mean business. Never just let it all grow out and wild.

The Four Week Stage

Congratulations you made it past a month; it all gets easier from here on out. As your beard grows out you’re going to encounter a few new cleaning and maintenance needs. First, recognize not all of your beard hair is growing at the same rate; so a little trimming might be called for depending where it is and how noticeable it is. Second, there will be itching and some irritation. But DO NOT shave.

Clean Your Face - Make sure you’re washing your face regularly to get rid of oil, stray hairs and dead skin cells. You don’t want this stuff building up. You can even purchase beard washes and shampoos for optimal performance.
Condition the Beard - Conditioning your facial hair with a good beard conditioner and keeping it moisturized with a beard oil can reduce any irritation and itching. Plus beard oil makes it more pleasant for any loved ones getting up close and personal.
Comb - Its important to comb your beard regularly to help avoid ingrown hair and help the hair grow in a single direction. This will help with scratching and give it a smoother texture and appealing shape.
Hair Repair - Grab a tweezers and remove any ingrown hairs; just get rid of those buggers.

Beards take patience; its going to be three to four months before you have a full beard to be really proud of and show off. Once you get through this awkward phase its smooth sailing. A word of advice; beware of beard envy. Beards come in all shapes and sizes; so embrace what grows out.

Beard Maintenance

Well look at that, you have a gorgeous new beard. Now that you’ve decided what sort of beard you’re going to work with it all comes down to maintenance. Some of the steps I mentioned above such as conditioning your beard and moisturizing it with a good beard oil are essential to keeping your beard well groomed. Another key to the success of your beard is “trimming,” you want to make sure your beard is the right length for your face and your neck lines and edges around the beard are always clean.

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